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Practical stuff that may be of use to you, too.

How to create an unlisted (semi-private) podcast

So you’d like to share some audio with some people, preferably in podcast form so that those people can listen to it with the convenience of their favorite podcast apps. But you DON’T want it to be publicly listed in all the podcast directories (Apple/Spotify/etc) where it would be easily searchable and discoverable. This is the post for you.

5 months with Turkish: a recap of my language-learning strategy

Now that I’ve returned to the States, I’m winding down my Turkish studies and will go into maintenance mode, where I won’t expect to make any more progress for the time being. But for about 5 months, I was able to focus primarily on Turkish, and this post goes into the learning strategies I used during that time.

Down with gated communities, long live RSS and the open web

I’m feeling newly hopeful for a way of being that was long ago pronounced dead, or at least dying. As some readers will remember and some may not, before social media became the order of the day, there was RSS. It’s been around for a good 20-30 years. Today, even with social media in full […]

A personal device usage policy in the war for your attention

When is the first time in the day that you look at your phone? When do you have your phone set to silent? When not silent, what kind of sounds does it make, and when? What do you get lock-screen notifications for? What DON’T you get lock-screen notifications for? If we don’t answer these questions for ourselves, and actively make our own decisions, someone else will decide for us.

One day, 20,000 times: the evolution of a daily routine

If I don’t spend my day today being thankful to be alive, how can I expect to ever do so? If I don’t make time and space in my day today for myself and for my friends, I won’t do so on any other day. If I don’t take a risk today, I won’t take a risk tomorrow.

Surprise bread, or, how to accept a gift

Long ago, I don’t remember when or on what occasion, I had made the resolution that anytime anybody was genuinely offering me a gift or favor that would be helpful, if it cost me little to nothing to accept it, then I would always accept.


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