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Posts about me. This category often overlaps with field notes.

Surprise bread, or, how to accept a gift

Long ago, I don’t remember when or on what occasion, I had made the resolution that anytime anybody was genuinely offering me a gift or favor that would be helpful, if it cost me little to nothing to accept it, then I would always accept.

8 best things I discovered in 2019

I always want to be discovering new things. No year should go by that I don’t have *something* to include here. Even if I don’t “accomplish” anything during the year. Moreover, I don’t know that summarizing my accomplishments or life changes is valuable to anyone at all, including myself, so instead, I’ve collected things that you can immediately check out for yourself.

The downside of staying put

Deconstructing the risk in my previous life decisions. How I view risk and opportunity cost differently than many people.

中文: the first 1000 characters

Beyond multiplication, exponents, and algebra, my dad imparted to me a general principle for me to carry through my life: that the ability to use your own mind, to endlessly expand what’s in it and then call upon it when needed, that ability *matters*.

The 2019 Women’s World Cup and my identity as an American

Last weekend, USA defeated the Netherlands in the final match of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, their first time winning a World Cup final on European soil. As an American living in the Netherlands, this meant that the country I was born in won against the country where I currently live.

(Re)learning to read in the 21st century

They say you really shouldn’t waste your life finishing books you don’t even like that much, because there are more *good* books than you can ever read in your short lifetime. And I totally agree with that. But I tried to finish each book I started anyway (and I still do today)–because I wanted to remember what it felt like to finish a book.


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