Privacy policy

Look, I can’t afford to pay for a lawyer to write a policy or to pay for a generated policy that will be GDPR- and CCPA-compliant, so I’ll just explain in plain English what data is being collected when you visit this site, and hope I don’t get sued.


Poste Italiane is a site. To find out what kind of data WordPress collects and what they do with it, see the WordPress privacy policy.

Use of your email address

I collect your email address if you submit it via the Subscribe link. The ONLY thing I will ever do with your email address is send you the newsletter that you subscribed to, or related communications directly from me that I think will be of interest to my subscribers (like if I am running an event or have a book coming out or something). I will never give or sell your email address to any other parties. You can unsubscribe or ask to be removed at any time.

Google Analytics

Poste Italiane uses Google Analytics, which collects anonymized site traffic data. I use it purely to get a sense of where my audience is coming from (geographically in terms of country, but also how users find this blog: through social media, web searches, direct link, etc.) and to get a sense of which posts have the most engagement, for the purposes of tailoring the blog and improving the experience for my audience.

With Google Analytics, it’s possible to see for example repeat visits from a given user (if you have cookies enabled), but each user is identified only by an assigned “client ID” which is a long series of numbers; I have no idea who each user is. I do not have ad retargeting enabled nor any other potential revenue-generating usage of the data. I do not collect the data for any other purpose than the aggregate information mentioned above.

Unfortunately I don’t have the resources to build in the functionality to let you opt out of Google Analytics tracking via the site itself, but you’re welcome to disable cookies in your browser or visit Poste Italiane in a fresh “incognito mode” window on your browser, which will prevent your interactions on Poste Italiane from being linked with any other account that you have that may be tracking your web behavior in general, such as Google, Facebook, and other third parties.

For more on how Google uses your data, see Google’s privacy policy.

Other uses of cookies and data (there are none)

Google Analytics and WordPress are the only things that use cookies on this site.

Revenue disclosure (there is none)

Finally, there is nothing on Poste Italiane that can generate revenue for me. I do not sell any products or services, there are no ads, no affiliate links, and I don’t sell your data. If this ever changes, then this policy will be updated. If there is ever an exception, then I will show a disclaimer prominently on the relevant post/page. Poste Italiane is a non-revenue-generating hobby for me by which I hope to provide my readers with informative and entertaining content, for fun.