reading notes

Arbitrary highlights (and sometimes musings) on an arbitrary selection of books I’ve read. Click into each post to see the rest.

Mastery, by Robert Greene

The authentic voice. The fact of great yield. Mechanical intelligence. Natural powers. The open field. The high end. The evolutionary hijack. Dimensional thinking. Alchemical creativity and the unconscious.

The incandescent lava we have inside: Frantumaglia, by Elena Ferrante

“I think of writing now as a long, tiring, pleasant seduction. The stories that you tell, the words that you use and refine, the characters you try to give life to are merely tools with which you circle around the elusive, unnamed, shapeless thing that belongs to you alone, and which nevertheless is a sort of key to all the doors, the real reason that you spend so much of your life sitting at a table tapping away, filling pages.”

The human dies, but the idea spreads: Sapiens, by Yuval Noah Harari

Being able to explain the things that are uncontroversial to it isn’t enough. If you can also explain the spots where things break down, the contradictions, the sources of cognitive dissonance, the things people need to ignore to continue functioning in the system, that demonstrates a deeper understanding.


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